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Lore Team Recruitment - 2cwldys - 10-27-2019

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Attention all Persistence Station Members

The Lore Team is Recruiting!

While we are planning to move to Quadrant C of our next Persistence Chapter, I want to thank everyone who has endured with us so far; despite the hardships and inactivity!
Our lore team is dwindling, and we need members. We currently have five to six members, and we desperately need more!

Our lore is going to be scrapped, as per latest public staff meeting, from Quadrant A and Quadrant B.
We could use more intuitive minds!

We are actively seeking members who can or are able to-

1. Open their mind like a faucet.
2. Sublimate their ideas and efforts into reality.
3. Not judge other's ideas and opinions.
4. Be actively interested in our current, and last few Persistent Chapters.
5. Cooperate with other lore team members to further our stories past, and present.
6. Discuss among the players their ideas and concerns for lore.
7. Operate with a professional overtone and concern for well being of the server.
Secret Code: ABJD2741#!?

Things that should be known-

The lore team functions as a team, there are no /specific/ individual species maintainers, and everyone works together to communicate and accept, or deny whitelists, and to develop our Chapter's story. We give individuals chances to edit their applications and to present an interesting character concept on the server; contrary to different servers with specific species maintainers.

The lore team should not be an autonomous, separate entity from interaction with the players. The players are what is to be declared the main driving force and kindle for the flame, for server activity. It is crucial as a member of the lore team, that we understand what our players want, and what we can expect from them and the vice versa.

The lore team operates together, but are brought to a construed, common goal.. listening to the head of staff and development in our latest Persistence Chapter.

If you are interested in joining-

Consider applying in our Lore Team board, following the template and instructions laid out before you!