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Arthur's Lore Team Application - Arthur Von Avalon - 11-02-2019

Provide your Discord User and ID? (JohnDoe#0000 for example) -

Provide your Byond CKey -


How long have you played on Persistence Station? -
Joined during the early days of Quad B until recently, have been active daily and during most events

Have you read the Lore Team Recruitment thread? Provide the Secret Code included in the thread -


What are any of your previous character names? -
Arthur Grey

Have you ever been banned here? -

No, I have not

Why do you wish to join the Lore Team? - 

To be able to breath in new life into the lore to allow a grand narrative to form around the players, leading to emergent and interesting roleplay. I believe I'm able to provide a refreshing take on such things working amicably alongside the rest of the Lore Team and that we will have a good time in crafting a world that is worth being in. My recent interest in writing has encouraged me to try out this avenue of world building and it would be great to see it flourish.

Have you been referred by any members of the Lore Team to apply? -

To my knowledge I've been encouraged by LordVonSepheron#4286 and Gr!lledcheese#1409 to apply

RE: Arthur's Lore Team Application - 2cwldys - 11-03-2019

Hey, thanks for posting this application Arthur!

We'll get a brief admin/lore team consensus and read the details of your application and get back to you shortly! Cheers o7!

RE: Arthur's Lore Team Application - Crimson - 11-03-2019

Hi, Arthur Von Avalon.

Your application is currently being reviewed by the current administrative team. If any edits are needed, please make sure to inform a member of staff. Please allow us to take a few days to review the application and your server participation.

I wish you luck with your application, we'll have a response ready soon!

RE: Arthur's Lore Team Application - Crimson - 11-03-2019

Congratulations, Arthur Von Avalon.

Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the lore team.

I wish you luck with your new assigned role, we'll see you around!