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Crimson - Pipe - 11-08-2019

I am opening this complaint by stating that this is a compilation of several individuals, including myself, who can not alone post a formal complaint.  Additional context may be given upon request.

Section 1: IC

Earlier in Sector B, Crimson's character Anika was in a court room during a trial.  Anika was reportedly playing with crayons during the trial and when asked many times to stop by the Judge, Anika refused.  This does not make much sense in the sense of RP if the character also headed her own medical company.  This is a strike against a "sane and reasonable character".

Continuing with the medical company, there were reportedly multiple instances "that people or their bodies were held hostage on multiple occasions"

Other players, such as That Sain Guy, have gone to Brawler before with the complaint that follows:

Brawler, can we ask someone to check in with the person who plays Anika and ask them to calm the heck down several degrees? They're just... too much for a sane character sometimes. Throwing people out the door who try to RP with their character and don't agree with them, going on mass body dislocation sprees and leaving people laying in the hall. People try to have a solid RP with what's supposed to be an invisible AI  and she's trying to use their chat bubble to grab them and restrain them and take off their clothing.
They're kind of acting outside of the whole "Sane realistic character" idea a lot."

…and there were no changes to the character that were noticeable.  Sain has no further additions as he generally tried "to actively avoid that bullshit". This is another strike against a "sane and reasonable character".

Vaskyr has also had run ins with the character and can attest to the "mass dislocation sprees" complaint.  He had two characters, one whom was a doctor.  This doctor refused to have any dealings with Anika due to "both my characters thought she was insane, and one was a professional doctor himself who thought she was a hack with no talent".  Multiple players have now testified that they actively avoided roleplaying with Crimson's character due to Anika being "insane" and generally not a pleasant experience to be around.  This is an additional strike against a "reasonable and sane character".

I have asked a player who has interacted with Anika on multiple occasions and they were able to be generalized into "responding to fights going on at her clinic".  Upon further investigation, the officer had received many complaints against Anika.  The majority were regarding her malpractice.  Though, these characters themselves were "just as dodgy half the time".  Even still, the effort gone through to file a complaint shows something is amiss and should be corrected.  This is once more a strike against a "sane and reasonable character".

Section 2: OOC

Crimson has abused Rhythm on several occasions to spam music in voice channels people were having discussions in.  The majority or all of the members did not like or appreciate the music and voted to skip her songs.  When the discord bot was removed from the channel, she immediately added it back and proceeded to spam her music.  It did not matter how many times she was asked to stop, she would continue until she grew bored.  This is a pattern for her.  She has personally annoyed me by excessive pings by a role she made and gave me, Stinky, knowing it would bother me.  When it was obviously bothering me, she continued until she grew bored of it and moved on.  I can attest that she gave herself roles such as "Community Manager" after inquiry showed that she was not given this role by a higher ranking member.

Vaskyr has testified to me that Crimson has "spammed" the admin logs on the server in order to "get x to 'deadmin'".  As a retired admin who has witnessed log spam done indirectly, I can say this is tiresome.  Vaskyr recalls her explicitly stating she did it in order to get him to "deadmin" as well.  This looks like a classic move to try and make yourself needed therefore have protection from demotion.  If you are the only active member, how can you be demoted?  The team would be hideously understaffed without you and would have to overlook your offenses.  This is extremely wrong.  A big problem is that this has worked in part already.  Now this is not the full story by far, but Crimson's OOC actions contributed to Mazian's leaving of Persistence entirely.  As well as Koollan's departure.  If a person is involved in heavy drama such as this and has contributed to an overall negative experience, there is an issue.  Her normal OOC actions has led to me block her on discord for an undetermined time, and has led to me considering leaving the community. 

I, among others, conclude this complaint by saying Crimson is an overall negative impact on Persistence as a member of The Team with any form of responsibility over others.  I, among others, ask that she be returned to a normal member of the community and if she continues her IC offenses, further action be taken.  I see it as greatly unnecessary to remove Crimson from the server as there is room for reform, but as there has not been any reform from an OOC perspective, action must now be taken.

RE: Crimson - Strelok - 11-16-2019

Forgot my password so made a new account to reply to this. My character is the officer mentioned here and I dont agree with the admin complaint or taking away Crimson's admin responsiblities. As I stated in response to Pipe, the majority of situations involving her character were in direct response to another character acting out of order. To be specific there were at least three seperate situations in which the apparently government regulated health board decided to hire armed mercenaries to aggressively shut down her clinic. They did not ask the police, had no permits and notified nobody outside of their department. After I followed this up, it turned out that "they didnt have to" and could basically do whatever they wanted with no repurcussions due to lawyer loopholes. A health board assaulting a clinic with a private army is less sane and reasonable than the malpractice Crimson's character was allegedly committing. In other incidents I have seen various players go well out of their way to break into her clinic to shoot or kill her and some did so against direct police instruction. At one point she was followed into a room and shot in the head with a skrellian rifle while she was unarmed after a previous attempt to break in was stopped. Im not sure how Minoki is the stand out problem in any of these situations.